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Hangry Kits


  • THE CURE FOR SOUR CANDY CRAVINGS: When you love sour candy, satisfying your cravings can be a challenge – that’s why this Sour Candy Hangry (hungry + angry) Kit is the ideal gift for your sour-loving friends.
  • 18 HANDPICKED PACKS OF THE WORLD’S FINEST SOUR CANDIES: When you are in need of the unique flavor combination of sour and sweet, try a selection of 9 different types of sour candies – 18 individual servings in all.
  • LOADED INTO OUR SIGNATURE HANGRY KIT EMERGENCY BOX: When this fun First Aid kit arrives at their door, your loved one is going to have a great big laugh. They’ll think of you every time they reach in to grab a sour snack.