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Hangry Kits



  • BRAND NEW DECEMBER 2017 LAUNCH OF OUR POPULAR HARD PLASTIC KITS – These are unique from our other cardboard Kits.  They’re especially perfect for car rides or any other travel, gifts and/or grab snacks!  Everyone loves our (tongue-in-cheek)”Emergency” Snack packaging.  Never go Hangry again!
  • CARE PACKAGE FOR EVERYONE! – Students, teens, men, women, moms, kids, bosses, teachers, military and many more people could use a hangry kit. Take it on the plane, train or on the road. Filled with the most popular, top shelf brand name snacks, it will be the gift that anyone would want to get. Bring a smile to their faces with this unique, one of a kind hangry kit.
  • TOP NOTCH BRAND NAME SNACKS – There is so much food packed into our unique boxes that will sustain even the most hangry person. Packed with the most popular snacks on the market, there is something for everyone and is the ideal gift for anyone. You won’t find any generic brand names here, get the best for your loved one.