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Hangry Kits


Our gamer kit includes one retro video game, two video game themed gum/mint tins, and one video game themed beverage. Plus, 15 yummy snacks to keep you fueled up while you’re gaming.

Always fresh, always amazing!! All of our products are guaranteed fresh! Filled with delicious snacks and candies. There is a variety of treats to eat and share with friends.

The Gamer Kit comes in our one of a kind, hard plastic, resealable Hangry Kit emergency snack box. You can refill it with your favorite treats and snack anytime, anywhere.

Give the gift they will remember forever. What do you get the person that has everything or the person you have no idea what to get? Hangry Kits to the rescue!!! Give them something they haven’t received before. Instant conversation piece filled with the best snacks you can get.


Are you a gamer? Do you know someone who is? No one likes to game while they're hangry. Well, we've got you covered with our Gamer Kit Hangry Kit! 

Gamers take their snacks seriously and we respect that. That's why we've come up with a Hangry Kit just for them. They'll appreciate how you took the time to notice their personal interest and needs for gaming fuel.

What comes in the Gamer Kit: 

  • 1 Random Video Game
  • 1 Random Gamer Drink
  • 2 Random Gamer Candy/Mint
  • 1 Randomly Selected Ramen - 3.7oz
  • 1 Pirate's Booty - 0.5oz
  • 1 Austin Cracker - 1.38oz
  • 1 Austin Cookie - 1.8oz
  • 2 Airheads - 0.55oz
  • 1 Ring Pop - 0.5oz
  • 1 Quaker Chewy Granola Bar - 0.84oz
  • 5 Single Hi-Chew Candies

**Please be advised that if an item is out of stock, instead of delaying your shipment, we will substitute that snack with a similar one.