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Hangry Kits


Hangry Kits Are The Cure For Snack Deprivation

When you want a gift for the person who has everything, a Hangry Kit is always the right answer. Hangry people come in all forms: sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, bosses and co-workers. And there is almost no occasion where severe cases of hangriness haven’t been reported: housewarming, new parenthood, get well… Monday.

What Comes In The Box:

  • 2 Rice Krispies, Original, .78oz
  • 2 Planters Salted Peanuts, 1oz
  • 2 Austin Peanut Butter Crackers, 1.38oz
  • 2 Austin Cookies, Variety, 1.38oz
  • 2 Nature Valley Crunchy Bar, Oat&Honey, 1.5oz
  • 6 Quaker Chewy Granola Bar, (3 Chocolate Chip, 3 Peanut Butter chocolate Chip)
  • 1 Goldfish Crackers, Cheddar, 1oz
  • 1 Chex Mix, 1.75 oz
  • 1 Pringles Snack Pack
  • 1 Pirate’s Booty, White Cheddar, .5oz
  • 1 Mini Pretzel, Synder’s, .9oz
  • 1 Cheez-it, Cheddar, 1.5oz
  • 1 Knott’s Cookies, Strawberry, 2oz
  • 5 Tree Top Fruit Snacks, .9oz
  • 4 Air Heads, Randomly Selected, .55oz
  • 4 Hi Chew, Randomly Selected, 10g
  • 4 Laffy Taffy, Randomly Selected, 9.75g

Your Gift Will Please Them Again And Again

As soon as they see the Hangry Kit Emergency Snacking First Aid box, it will bring a smile to their face. And every time they open it up to take out a tasty anti-hunger aid, they’ll think of you and how much you cared.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Every snack we hand select and pack is guaranteed to be fresh and match the ones pictured here. You can count on us because we won’t substitute your favorite snack for something else.

Order A Hangry Kit Sweet & Salty Snack Sampler Today and Save a Hangry Person You Love from a Snackless Existence. Please be advised that if an item is out of stock, instead of delaying your shipment, we will substitute that snack with a similar one. Thank you!

**Chocolate melts! That makes anybody sad, and we don’t want that. Most of the time the melting occurs when the package is left on a doorstep when it’s hot out. We don’t ship our items with ice, but not even ice can always help when a package is left in the heat. The best defense is to purchase “signature confirmation” which makes it so the package is hand delivered. That way the package is never left in the heat and you or the person you send it to is happy!