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Hangry Kits


Box Contains

  • We’ve sent these to our friends, lovers, family members, and kids. The reaction is always the same. “Yes! This is amazing, it’s hilarious, it’s delicious. I love it! Thank you so much, Please send another.”
  • We encourage you to send a Hangry Kit to someone you love. Put a smile on their face. Surprise them with awesomeness they didn’t even know existed. They will call you, text you, share you, they will be over the moon.
  • The best money can buy. We only pick the best brands and foods to put in to our Hangry Kits. When sending a gift we know everybody wants the best, and that’s exactly what you with a Hangry Kit.
  • Food has been, and always will be the best gift. We all need to eat, and what a joy it is to eat a gift knowing somebody cared enough to send it to you. Our promise to you is a smile, a laugh, a hug, and a quality product that everyone loves. Buy a Hangry Kit today!

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