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Hangry Kits


  • SHOWER THE HANGRY PERSON IN YOUR LIFE WITH SNACK LOVE: When hangry (hungry + angry) times hit and only savory chocolate will do, this Chocolate snack sampler is your best friend. Birthdays and holidays can give rise to serious hangriness, but college students and soldiers always require immediate Hangry First Aid.
  • 14 HANDPICKED CHOCOLATE BARS: Chocolate lovers know that all snacks are not created equally. That’s why we’ve selected 9 varieties of Chocolate treats and snacks – 14 individual servings in all – to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
  • COMES IN OUR SPECIAL HANGRY KIT EMERGENCY SNACK BOX: You or your hangry friend are going to get a kick out of receiving this in the mail. Store your snacks in the fun box and get a chuckle every time you open it.