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Hangry Kits

About Us

We take being “hangry” seriously and are here to cure it the world over, one box at a time.

People have been “hangry” since the dawn of time

Cavemen were always super hangry from what we hear, but the dangerous phenomenon of being hangry was only recently recognized by modern society. Technically defined as “being irritable as a result of feeling hungry,”

we would just say that:

“being hangry is goin a lil cray cray when
you starvin!”

When someone is hangry, nobody wins. He/she is hungry and gets angry, then that makes you angry, and you’re all still hungry. Luckily, we discovered a cure for being hangry: The Hangry Kit!

First unveiled in July of 2016 by our trusty leader, Reuben (the perfect name for the man who cured hanger, amirite?), Hangry Kits are stuffed with fresh, delicious, filling snacks to relieve hanger instantly. Since then, our small US-based team has been working tirelessly to end the global hangry crisis by personally packing every Hangry Kit with fresh, quality-ensured products.

Whether the hangry person in your life craves something sweet, salty, savory, or sour, there’s a Hangry Kit for every appetite. From Planters and Knott’s to Nature Valley and Snyder’s of Hanover, we make sure each Hangry Kit has the perfect combination of the freshest, most trusted names in snacking to satisfy the hangriest person you know.

All Hangry Kits are fulfilled and shipped in the US, meaning your potentially lamp-saving-kit will get to whomever needs it quickly, safely, and reliably.

So what are you waiting for? Hanger only gets worse the longer you wait! Order a Hangry Kit today and help fight the hangry epidemic!

Located in beautiful, Everett, WA, USA

11604 Airport Road Init D100, Everett, WA 98204

Try A Custom Kit

Want something more for your tastes? Try building a custom kit. You also have the option of adding to a kit that has been created to make it extra special. If you like what you’ve made, then save it for later and re-order it again.